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About Us
Xiamen Huashengbiz Import And Export Co., Ltd.

Established in 2011, Huasheng is based in the Southern part of China. Since the Company inception, we have been consolidating our position as a modern and dynamic trader operating in the field of Food, Beverage, and Leisure Food.


As a raw material trader, we have been growing and diversifying our activities and offers to meet the demand of an ever-increasing number of customers.


Our background and know-how allow us to provide a strategic guidance and really comprehensive business service: we do not only deliver ingredients but also and especially solutions to your problems!


We are specialized in providing premium quality products to different segments of the food industry:

Frozen Fruits & Vegetables Frozen Mushrooms Frozen Spring Rolls Canned Fruits & Vegetables Canned Mushrooms Canned Fishes Vacuum Fried Fruits & Vegetables

We work so our customers receive the products upon the agreed requirements, verifying in the field that these meet the standards of Quality, Safety and Legality requested.

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Customer Ever Said

Huasheng is our all-weather partner, cooperating well to establish food supply chain management with us. -- Southeast Customer

Since built cooperation in 2008, both of us work as partnership and usaually as friendship. -- Russian Federation Customer

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